Aarambh Producer Company Ltd.

Aarambh Producer Company Ltd. deals with production, procurement, storage, processing, packing, distribution, marketing, selling and trading of all agricultural, nonagricultural, horticultural, vegetables, medicinal, spices crops, poultry, apiculture, sericulture, lac culture their processed products and other allied products, seeds, fertilizers, pesticides, farm machineries and related extension & consultancy services for ultimate benefits to the members of the company. We also undertake Organic production programme, processing & Certification, Export & trade business (as per National and International norms & Standards) of all agricultural, Horticultural Vegetables Crops and Dairy products their allied forms, by the members & non member producers of the company. It will include Import & hire of goods and services in all forms, for the benefit of the members.

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Dairy Faram



Packing Material

Paper Industry

Ply Industry